Using PowerShell MA to replace ECMA 1.0 used for ODBC

At one of my customers they have a number of old ECMA 1.0 Management Agents that use ODBC (NotesSQL driver in this case) to talk to IBM Notes. But since ECMA 1.0 is now being deprecated it was time to look at alternatives. One option was to try and upgrade the old MA to ECMA 2.0. I did however give the PowerShell MA from Søren Granfeldt a try first. What I actually discovered was, that doing so was much easier and more cost-effective than writing new ECMA 2.0 based MA’s.

What I also discovered was that I ended up with something that could be called a “generic” ODBC MA. With only minor changes to the scripts I was able to use it for  all IBM Notes adapters, including managing the Notes Address Book.

If you would like to give it a try the setting in the PS MA I used was to use the export the “old” CSEntryChange object. Since NoteSQL is only available as 32-bit driver I was also required to configure the MA to use x86 architecture. You can dowload my sample scripts here. One nice thing I am doing in this example is to read the schema.ps1 file to get all the “columns” to manage in the script. With that all you need in order to add support to read, update a new column in the ODBC source is to add it to the schema.ps1 file.

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