Scheduling MIM with LithnetMiisAutomation

Scheduling the FIMSychronizationService have always been a task that could cause you some issues.

In a post, Scheduling MIM with advanced options, a few years ago I showed you how to use PowerShell to do some tricks during scheduling.

In later years we have seen some great new options to schedule FIM/MIM, like the Lithnet AutoSync. While solutions like that offer a very nice way to run the sync engine I still have lot’s of customers doing it the old way using a scheduled task.

In the latest versions of my scheduler I have started using the LithnetMiisAutomation PowerShell Module to do the job for me. I have posted an example DeltaRun.ps1 as a Gist.

If you have questions or comments on the script please do so directly on the Gist.

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