ISA2006 SP1 – coming soon

So finally i got my hands on SP1 of ISA 2006.

Havent had any time to test it yet, but i can promise you all a happy moment when you are able to run it. 🙂
Still NDA on the exact featurelist but let me just give you some hints about what’s in the current build.
Hopefully none of them will be removed, but as always. You never know.
– Change tracking possibility
– Multi domain/forest KCD
– Improved support for SAN certs
– Heavy improvements on troubleshooting
and much much more…

In some parts SP1 contains more news than 2006 RTM did compared to 2004 SP2.

Stay in touch and i will tell you more as soon as possible.
The Beta period is planned to be a short one, but no release date so far.

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