ISA 2006 SP1 – NEW Features

To give you all a quick overview of the new features in ISA 2006 SP1 here is a quick list. I will cover some the features in more detail in some upcoming articles. As always, since this is a beta everything is subject to change, so let’s say this is features we are “likely” to see.

When it comes to release date for SP1, the official timeframe is “late summer 2008”. And since this is built in Israel where the summer never ends (compared to here in Sweden)… Who knows how long this summer will be…I hope it will be the shortest summer in mankind so that SP1 becomes available to all of you a.s.a.p.

The list below is not ordered in any way just a list, but WHAT A LIST!!!!

1. Configuration Change Tracking Registers all configuration changes applied to ISA Server configuration to help you assess issues that may occur as a result of these changes
2. Test Button Tests the consistency of a Web publishing rule between the published server and ISA Server.
3. Traffic Simulator Simulates network traffic in accordance with specified request parameters, such as an internal user and the Web server, providing information about firewall policy rules evaluated for the request.
4. Diagnostic Logging Viewer Now integrated as a tab into the Management console, this feature displays detailed events about the status of your ISA Server computer, as well as configuration and policy issues.
5. NLB Multicast NLB now supports all three modes, Unicast, Multicast and Multicast with IGMP.
6. Cross domain KCD Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) now works in both cross-domain and cross-forest trust environments.
7. SAN certificates Improved support for certificate with multiple SAN entries.
8. Filter RPC by UUID Supports filtering for RPC traffic by UUID for an access rule. Previously, an access rule to RPC traffic would not be restricted by RPC interface UUID.
9. Monitor virtual memory A new event has been created that monitors the virtual memory of the WSPSRV process.

There are more in SP1 but i believe these are the most important ones.

When i look at this it is almost more interesting then the one we could see as news in RTM of 2006 when we compared it to 2004 SP2 (and later SP3).

Ones again… To all of you in the ISA team… Congratulations,nice work!

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