First look at Windows 8 scares me

I have just taken my first look on Windows 8 and even though it looks good it scares me.

The scary part is that it looks all to close to Phone 7 and that leads me to think that maybe MS is cutting security to make yet another “consumer friendly” product.

We all know that Windows Mobile 6.5 was a pretty secure and managable operating system. But to take on iPhone and Android MS took a step back in security and manageability with Phone7.

I do hope that Windows 8 is not taking the same security back-step just to compete with other consumer products. I will be a happy guy if MS proves me wrong on this one!

2 Replies to “First look at Windows 8 scares me”

  1. Chris

    Actually, Windows 8 is even more secure than its predecessors. Windows Defender has been equipped with the features of Microsoft Security Essentials (even its interface) and capable of detecting and halting viruses from USB devices during boot time. AV protection bundled with Windows is however long overdue. “Longhorn” (Vista) was intended to be shipped with low-level AV APIs, but this didn”t happen.


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