UAG does not detect FW in Windows 10

Just upgraded my client to Windows 10 and discovered that UAG does not really like my client anymore.

The new Edge browser isn’t supported at all if client components are required.
If I start my IE11 on my Windows 10 client UAG fails to detect the FireWall causing all access requiring a compliant FW to fail.
If your clients start using Windows 10 you might need to remove any requirements for FW in your UAG policies.

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  1. Nathan

    ok 4th time lucky with making this display in the blog properly (sorry I got the brackets right this time)
    to make it work with windows10
    edit \Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\InternalSite\web.config add the line

    <DetectionExpression Name=”Windows10″ Expression=’UserAgent Contains “windows nt 10.0″‘ DefaultValue=”false” />
    and modify the line

    <DetectionExpression Name=”WindowsNewerThan2000″ Expression=’UserAgent Contains “windows nt 5.1” OR UserAgent Contains “windows nt 5.2″ OR Vista OR Windows7 OR Windows8 OR Windows8_1 OR Windows10’ DefaultValue=”false” />

    make sure you put the OR in capitals or it breaks UAG completley.


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