Using smart links in UAG 2010 might cause URL is to long error

When you start to use ADFS with your UAG and also start to use Azure or Office 365 you might come up with the idea of “publishing” your Office 365 SharePoint site in the UAG portal. This can be done using what is called a Smart Link.

But when you add your smart link as an application in your UAG you can easily end-up with breaking the UAG Portal and getting a URL is to long error message.
This happens because you have associated your application with the federation URL by adding your ADFS server as the Web Server in your application.
This is an easy misstake to make since the Smart Link starts with something like “…”.

What you need to do is put a “dummy” value in the Web Server setting of the application. This value however needs to be resolvable to an IP address by UAG. One way of solving that is to put the “dummy” value in the hosts file of the UAG and put a “dummy” IP-address on it.
Now you can put the Smart Link URL as the Portal Link in your application and the UAG Portal now contains an application that in fact is hosted in Office 365 but still gives SSO due to ADFS authentication.