Slipstreaming TMG SP2

If you would like to make a slipstreamed media of TMG including SP2 you need to first make sure it’s SP1 Update 1. Let me give you a quick guide on how to do this.

Get hold of your TMG DVD, remember that there are two versions Standard or Enterprise Edition.

Extract the content of the DVD to a folder (in my example D:TMG)

We need to download

 Update 1 and SP2 is not in .msp format but in .exe so first you need to extract the msp using

  • “TMG-KB2288910-amd64-ENU.exe /t D:Update1”
  • “TMG-KB2555840-amd64-ENU.exe /t D:SP2”

 Now we can start producing our slipstreamed DVD.

  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to D:TMGFPC.
  2. Add SP1 using
    “msiexec /a MS_FPC_Server.msi /p D:SP1TMG-KB981324-AMD64-ENU.msp”
  3. Add Update 1 using
    “msiexec /a MS_FPC_Server.msi /p D:Update1TMG-KB2288910-amd64-ENU.msp”
  4. Add SP2 using
    “msiexec /a MS_FPC_Server.msi /p D:SP2TMG-KB2555840-amd64-ENU.msp”
  5. Use your favorite ISO tool and make a DVD from the content of D:TMG

 You now have a slipstreamed media of TMG that installs directly with version 7.0.9193.500.

5 Replies to “Slipstreaming TMG SP2”

  1. Ozgur Canibeyaz

    the KB number in the command to extraxt the msp is wrong for update 1. it should have been KB2288910

  2. Scott Wichall

    Excellent post thank you. I made mine a bit simpler by renaming the .msp files to sp1.msp, upd1.msp and sp2.msp. Mainly because I hate typing filenames in the command window!

    • Kent Post author

      I don”t type theme. I just use the auto-complete function and the tab key to find the file name. 😉


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