Nitrogen TAP Kickoff

First let me apologize for writing this in English.

I will do all my blogging around Nitrogen in English due to the fact (NDA) that i need to send it to the product team for approval before I publish it.

Finally the TAP for Nitrogen is started :-,,)

During three nice days in Berlin, Microsoft ISA Team presented all the new stuff to expect in Nitrogen and off course opportunity for us to give input on features and functions.

Due to the NDA I will NOT, for the moment, be able to tell you much, but one thing is clear.
You are going to like it, many of the features we were hoping for in ISA 2004 and 2006 are now being implemented.

So when are you guys going to have some details. Well basically we will not see public betas until the end of the year. But hopefully I will be allowed to drop some details during the TAP period.

Please keep your eyes on my blog and i will keep you updated and if you think that you have important features you would like to see in the next version of ISA, please drop me an email.

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