FIM 2010 Update Rollup 2

FIM 2010 Update Rollup 2 will go live on Microsoft Update  today, February 28 at 10 am Pacific time. In addition to including all servicing changes made since RTM, this rollup:

  • Adds support for the new Extensible Connectivity Management Agent 2.0 (ECMA 2) framework
  • Addresses a possible performance issue for installations with many dynamic groups or criteria-based sets whose membership criteria include several conditions
  • Reverts a change in the previous hotfix release that treated SQL wildcard characters as literals
  • Addresses a number of other issues.

Especially interesting is the reappearing support for wildcards. Hotfix rollup 2520954 removed support for using the following characters as SQL wildcard characters in queries, in dynamic group filters, and in set filters:

  • Underscore (_)
  • Percent (%)
  • Opening bracket ([)

The functionality was used by many of my customers preventing them from updating their FIM. This hotfix reverts the earlier change.

For details, see KB2635086

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