FIM 2010 R2 Pre-Requisites

Installing a complete FIM 2010 R2 environment is not an easy task. Lots of things can go wrong. A FIM setup might use almost any number of servers for example. In this post I give you access to scripts and configuration files required to do all FIM 2010 R2 pre-requisites in a typical 4-server FIM deployment.

In the you will find PowerShell scripts to create service accounts, configure Kerberos, configure SQL ports and aliases among other things. You will also find ini-files to perform unattended setups of the SQL servers used by FIM. Basically everything you need to do before you can start the installation of FIM.

In the Installation folder in the download package you will find a ReadMeFIRST.txt file that explains the order to perform the steps. Please note that many of the scripts and configuration files used requires editing to match the target environment.

In the RulesExtension folder you will find a simple code example showing how to use rules extension in FIM to import the last logon timestamp from AD into FIM. This is one of the things I show in my FIM 2010 R2 Video Course and this is to give the viewers of that a chance to download the example.

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