FIM 2010 R2 – Nice news!

MS have just released some info on the upcoming R2 release of FIM 2010.

It looks like we will not have a solid release-date yet and I guess all changes are subject to change.

From the news they presented I find the following worth mentioning.

  • Web based password reset:
    Password reset from non-domain joined computers using only a browser.
    Both registration and reset portals available.
    QA gate can be filtered using security context, giving different QA gates if you come from extranet.
    Request Context added as request attribute to show wich context was used (extranet/intranet).
    No Active-X or similar required, pure browser wizard.
    Still QA gate is the only authn built-in.
    [Update 2011-05-18] At a session @TechEd today MS announced support for OTP as well.
  • Reporting:
    Historical data stored in System Center Service Manager data warehouse.
    Several out-of-box reports available.
    Changes of security groups is one great example.
    User history is another, showing the complete history of a user.
    This is a great R2 add-on! My cu’s will love this.
    You can filter what is moved to the data warehouse.
    The sync engine is not used to export the data from FIM DB to data warehouse.
    Scheduled Powershell is used to move data out and reports in.
    NO System Center Service Manager license is required if this is your only use of it!
  • Enhanced MA connectivity:
    Exstensible MA will support some new features like “Full Export”.
    New SAP, Oracle ERP and Lotus Notes MA using the new API.
    No “Full Export” for standard MA’s.
  • Enhanced Management:
    We will get FIM Best Practice Analyzer.
    Enhanced diagnostic and error messages.
    FIM Portal will work on Sharepoint 2010.

It looks like R2 will add some really nice features. I will now register for the CEP program and will report back here in my blog as soon as there are any news.

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