BHOLD Suite for FIM 2010 avialable for download.

Microsoft BHOLD Suite extends the capabilities of FIM 2010 by adding role-based access control to FIM 2010, enabling organizations to define user roles and to control access to sensitive data and applications in a way that is appropriate for those roles.

Yesterday the BHOLD Suite addon for FIM 2010 was made available on MSDN. Within a week it should be available on all license download sites.

Please read more about it on

2 Replies to “BHOLD Suite for FIM 2010 avialable for download.”

  1. Ronald Gracia

    The software is available but the information is quite incomplete. you can as usual reach a certain point and then you have no way to proceed further. the information on Bhold is not enough to do a complete install, in my case I am stuck at the configuration of the MA for the SQL tabled in bhold, the attribute configurations is not detailed.
    Know any place to get a book on bhold.



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