Basic Configuration

Section 2 – Basic configuration of FIM Synchronization and FIM Service – in the FIM 2010 R2 Video

There are many typical configurations made in almost every FIM implementation. We configure the basic management agents we need to connect to the FIM Service and the Active Directory. We take a quick look at schema management before we import users already present in AD into our FIM environment.

  1. Configuring the FIM Service Management Agent
  2. Setting up the Active Directory Management Agent
  3. Configuring Run Profiles and Schedules
  4. Schema management in FIM 2010 R2
  5. Importing existing users from Active Directory

2 Replies to “Basic Configuration”

  1. Red

    I want to know the video I bought from Packpub. The installation of FIM2010 started with SharePoint? my question is, is that supposed to be.

    • Kent Post author

      Yes it is. In order to install the FIM/MIM Portal component you need SPF (SharePoint Foundation). Don’t make the misstake and use the full blown SharePoint. Althought that is supported for MIM 2016 I still always use SPF 2013 for my MIM 2016 setups. Installing and configuring the SPF pieces is a common cause of errors due to the complexity of getting it correctly setup in regards to Kerberos and FIM/MIM.


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