The Story in this book

Chapter 1 – The story in this book – in the FIM 2010 R2 book

In this chapter, I will give you a description of this company and will talk about:

  • The challenges
  • The solutions
  • The environment

Lyckily I have quite a nice Hyper-V server that I can use to host the environment I use in my book. The picture below gives you an idea on the power required.

VMs Used in the book

VMs Used in the book

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  1. Jason

    Hi Ken,

    I really like your book. It is helping me a lot to learn FIM. Could you tell me please where do I find the CompanyIdM sql datable you used in the book to demonstrate the SQL MA? I am currently trying to sync users from AD to ADLDS and would like to go through all the steps you did in the book to better understand that process.

    Thank you,



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